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Bellofram Silicones extruded closed cell silicone sponge profiles are used when difficult sealing problems require a combination of complex gasket shapes and extreme flexibility. Our full in-house die making capabilities allow us to produce cords, rectangles, tubes, and any other complex geometries. Our in-house mixing provides a choice of materials with a wide compression deflection rating, ranging from ASTM D 1056 2D1 soft density to ASTM D 1056 2D5 extra firm density, with a temperature range of -85° to 400°F for continuous use. The self-forming skin enhances the profile’s water absorption resistance. Need to meet a BMS requirement? No problem! Bellofram Silicones is a certified supplier of BMS 1-23 and BMS 1-60 products. We offer a flame retardant version in each density range that will make sealing possible in extreme environments. A fully certified NSF/ANSI 51 version produced from FDA ingredients is available, in applications where FDA compliance is required. Bellofram Silicones extruded closed cell silicone sponge profiles are available in any color to aide to the aesthetics of your assembly.

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